Free Cocktail Making Course

150325 cocktails 02 smlLife is all about learning. Every day we learn things that take us forward, that make life more interesting and colourful, which is why we think it's important to share how easy it is to prepare and enjoy an Original Cocktail.

Most online Cocktail Making Courses require that you purchase a multitude of equipment and ingredients from specialist stores to get you started, but we make it easy by telling you that you just have to go to any Original Cocktails stockist in the country to choose the flavour of cocktails that you wish to experiment with and take them home.

Equipment and ingredients required:

1 x Original Cocktail sachet or 1 x 2 litre Original Cocktails easy pour box
1 x fridge or freezer
1 x glass
1 x straw
Fruity garnish
1 x party hat
1 x smile
1 x friend (depending on the amount of cocktails, choose accordingly)

For the perfect cocktail, please follow this process:

Place your Original Cocktail sachet in the fridge or freezer (read the back of the sachet on which is required).
Wait for a couple of hours for the cocktail to chill or freeze.
Put on a party hat.
Remove the Original Cocktail sachet from said fridge or freezer.
Shake your sachet (though not essential, shaking your bottom can increase your excitement)
Snip a corner off the sachet.
Pour into your glass.
Garnish with your straw and or fruit.
Cheers your friend.

That's how easy it is to be an expert cocktail maker and drinker. No massive clean-up is required afterwards, though we do find that party hats and friends make the most mess after a good get together.

So go forth with this new found knowledge and set the summer alight with colour and good times! After all, no fun is easier to make than an Original Cocktail.


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