Snack up and stock up

Cheese Grapes NutsFor those of us that love winter and all the yummy, warm things that come with it, our overcast cuddle weather is nearly over, so let's make the most of it.

Light your fires, grab the glühwein, crawl under your blankets and get ready for a night in with some of these awesome snack ideas (to share, or not).

1. Cheese
Red wine and cheese are synonymous with each other as is cheese, wine and fruit. When you put it all together, glühwein is a fantastic cheese accompaniment. Use strong cheeses such as blue cheese, camembert and emmenthal to pair with your steaming mug of winter warmth.

2. Ginger
Due to the spiciness of glühwein, other spices tend to marry well with it. Traditionally, glühwein is paired with ginger biscuits, but you can take this a step further and enjoy it with ginger puddings and candied ginger.

3. Chocolate
Ok, chocolate goes with anything, but when we talk about pairing glühwein and chocolate, we are talking mainly about dark chocolate. Think 70% cocoa and up. There are some wonderful orange infused chocolates on the market and with the citrus infusion in our Original Glühwein, this idea is a BIG win.

4. Nuts
Nuts are an important part of winter, especially in colder climes. We hear stories about chestnuts roasting on an open fire from the Northern Hemisphere and of course so many winter recipes call for nuts of one kind or another. The unique nuttiness and butteriness of cashews, pecans and macadamias wash down beautifully with a few sips of fruity, spicy glühwein.

5. Cinnamon
Cinnamon often means pancakes! These are of course, a great, versatile base for many other great flavours, but with glühwein, we would suggest cinnamon and fruit (include some citrus) pancakes drizzled with some honey or a chocolate sauce.

Go get some glühwein, go get comfy and remember, when glühwein weather ends, cocktail weather starts, so no need to get despondent.


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