Happy Father's Day

140611 OC Gluhwein 01Now we know that typically, dads drink manly drinks. Sure, some of our dads attended tea parties with their little princesses, sipped juice boxes alongside their boys after a tough game of soccer or slurped steaming hot chocolates with you to ward off winter chills, but in most cases, for him, this was more about the bonding with you than it was about his choice of beverage.

Speaking of winter, we love the fact that Father's Day happens in the middle of South African winter. This means that you can safely buy dad Red wine, spicy spirits, socks, ties and scarves, but why not combine it all into one perfect gift. A gift that says, "Hey Dad, you're pretty awesome, so here's an awesome gift".

We have formulated the perfect Father's Day beverage... Glühwein! Okay, maybe we didn't formulate it. Maybe fathers have been drinking it since around 1AD, but we've just made it easier. Conveniently encased in containers to suite your family size (750ml bottles or 2L boxes), there's no fear of adding too much of one spice, not enough of another or heating all of the alcohol out of your Glühwein. How's THAT for perfect?

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there! Without you, we'd all still be wearing shoes with velcro and riding with training wheels.



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