Voting Parties for the win!

In case you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know we’re gearing up for a massive election. Not only are you old enough to drink, you’re old enough to vote; and that’s a hectic responsibility!

 46662180 zilleSo we have an idea: Voting Parties.

To encourage everyone to vote, we think you should have a voting party on the day – and it doesn’t have to be a serious event either. We’re definitely thinking dress up: we have enough colourful parties vying for our votes that we can dress up like. Think red berets, green, yellow and black and, if you want to oppose all of that, dress up in your best primary blue.

We’re even thinking of a little politician impersonation vibe. You know, dressing like your favourite politician.

You could put on your shiniest suit like Kenny Kunene, or rock it Jacob Zuma style by standing under your shower or in your lavishly expensive kraal.

Perhaps you want to pair our cocktails with your favourite party or even make some drinking games about some of the worst election logic you heard during the campaign – we think doing anything to get more people to vote and enjoy the process is not only being a good South African, you’re also being a great Original Cocktail drinker. And there’s nothing better than that ;)


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