The 10 Most Harrowing and Glühwein Deserving Moments in “Game of Thrones”

Watching a “Game of Thrones” episode, we now know, is never safe. You just don’t know what kinds of trauma you are going to experience. Winter has not even come yet (in the television series at least) and still there have been many scenes that have left us chilled to the bone.

You need something to help you cope and to keep winter from your heart while watching this show. One thing that will help is a glass of warm, spicy and sweet glühwein to sip on for comfort when the going, inevitably, gets tough. In fact future viewing of this show is probably best not attempted without a steady supply of the most warming drink in the world!

Here is a list of the 10 moments in the television show of a “Game of Thrones” that we think should not be watched without the comfort of some soothing spicy glühwein close on hand, the ten most harrowing moments in the series so far:

*Warning! Massive spoiler alert!*

1. The Opening Scene

Murderous “zombies” and white-walkers running amok in the opening scene of the show let’s you know, right off the bat, that “Winter is Coming”!

2. Bran’s Fall

Gosh! This gave us such a fright and also made us very angry. A rapid succession of sips is recommended here.

3. The Execution of Ned Stark

We probably should all have stopped watching right there and then. A show that does this to its viewers is bound to be endlessly traumatic.

4. Every Scene that King Joff is in.

Could he be the worst guy ever? The gallons Glühwein required to get through scenes that he is in suggests yes!

5. Theon Greyjoy gets Fresh with Asha Greyjoy

Do you remember this? It happens on a horse and it’s deeply disturbing- somehow it’s so much worse than when Cersei and Jamie Lannnister “enjoy themselves together”.

6. Melisandre Gives Birth to a Shadowy Demon-Type Thing

No sies, man! She really shouldn’t do that kind of thing it’s terribly unsettling. “Top up my glass, please!”

7. Jamie Loses His Hand

Poor fella! It’s so shocking that you might, out of pity, almost begin to forgive him for showing Bran off the tower... almost.

8. Khal Drogo Dies

We really liked this guy and all had kinds of expectations of what he might one day do to Joff.

9. The Red Wedding

This is probably the deepest wound “Game of Thrones” has given to its audience so far. You will you probably land up crying into your glass, rather than sipping from it. Nevertheless some Glühwein will be an immense comfort for this.

10. Grey Wind Dies

This little horror gets quickly overshadowed by the events at the Red Wedding but watching Arya watch Robb Stark’s direwolf die requires some slow mournful sipping.

Are you planning to revisit any of your favourite “Game of Thrones” episodes any time soon? Don’t let “winter come” without first getting your hands on some of our pre-mixed Glühwein. Or you can come over to our Facebook and Twitter pages, to tell us the moment in Game of Thrones that you think most needed the comfort of some Glühwein.




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