Oh boy, here comes trouble!

“The Singapore Sling”: now that is one promising name for a cocktail. It sounds exotic and it sounds like trouble.   Be assured, cocktail-lover, the drink delivers on exactly what its name promises:  it sure is exotic and it’s all the best kind of trouble. An evening spent with a couple of Singapore Slings is going to get hot, it’s likely to get strange and it will, most certainly, lead to the fun kind of misbehaviour.

It is gin that puts the fun into a Singapore Sling and gin is famous for its power to excite even the most poised of cocktail drinkers. This is how it has always been. As far back as 1736, an inflated tax on gin led to mass riots in the streets. Fuelled by both a love for gin and the drink itself, the rioters soon put an end to this cocktail related injustice. Just imagine what you could accomplish after an evening of gin based cocktails!

Like most good things, there is some controversy that surrounds the Singapore Sling.  The drink was created by a bartender at the Long Bar at the Raffles Hotel in Singapore around 1915, but the original recipe has since disappeared. This has led to some heated to debate about just what should be in the drink. There is agreement, however, about what makes a Singapore Sling so good and so much fun:  we know that it must have gin in it and we know that it must be pretty darn fruity.

It’s the fruitiness of this cocktail that makes it so disarming. One might, at first, consider oneself rather wholesome while sipping on your glass of fruit, but the gin will soon put an end  to this – as you very quickly start getting up to no good. The Singapore Sling is for this reason, just what to serve to guests when you are hoping for a stomping good time. Just be sure that you have plenty on hand because, as history has shown, a thirsty gin drinker is not to be trifled with.

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