Drinking Cosmo's in the city

Face it, if you were a young lady growing up in the nineties and early naughties, you weren’t hip unless you closely followed the antics of Carrie and the girls in Sex and the City. Apart from setting the fashion world alight and stomping around in 5inch heels, Carrie Bradshaw was always seen at social occasions with a cocktail in hand, a Cosmopolitan to be precise.

The popularity of Sex and the City has even lead to New York City’s Empire Hotel (where SATC 2 was shot) introducing movie inspired cocktails. Despite looking extremely modern the Cosmo actually follows an age-old recipe that has a base spirit like Vodka, a sweetner like Cointreau, a sour element like Lime and a generous splash of Cranberry juice. The sidecar recipe actually came out of the American “Prohibition” era – so having Carrie Bradshaw drink it is a nice historical touch, given her avaunt-garde personality and the shenanigans in the show.

Not wanting to be left out, we created our very own Cosmopolitan cocktail, not only to celebrate Carrie Bradshaw, but to toast to all of you fabulous individualistas. Recently an avid fan, Lauren, sent us a photo of her fridge and we think Carrie Bradshaw would have nodded (albeit without the beer) in approval.

We’re looking forward to summer, sipping on cocktails and having a fabulous time. Watch out for our “Fab Time” Facebook photo competition happening soon and stand a chance to win a summer’s supply worth of Cosmopolitan Original Cocktails.



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