Get your Glow on this Winter

It's been a bitterly cold winter, especially from some regions in South Africa, and while we're reaching for the water bottle, we're also known to clutch a warm glass of Gluhwein now and then too. It’s perfect for the cold outdoor event with your friends, or that night in front of the fire with your loved one.

BANNERGluhwein, pronounced “Glue-Vine”, can be roughly translated into English as Glow Wine, and it almost does a better job than a kiss from Ryan Gosling at getting your cheeks to blush. Gluhwein’s not a recent phenomenon either; it really got going around 500BC when Roman and German soldiers started heating up their wine to combat the cold weather. Apparently, the added fruit and spices, whilst not only adding to the flavour, made the brew a lot healthier. Perhaps that’s where the notion of “drinking to your health” comes from.

And that’s not the only “healthy” aspect to Gluhwein either. About 20 years ago, Germans started becoming a lot more eco-friendly and started to drink out of reusable ceramic cups instead of the paper or plastic disposable ones. During the first days of Christmas, there is a ton of hype around the design (which changes every year) and people literally scramble to buy them at the local markets.

There are so many varying recipes for how to make the best Gluhwein of them all: from the quantities of wine and water to how long to cook it for. We say "why all the fuss?" We wanted to create those magical, warm moments but not have to go through the whole process of putting it together. So we made it ready to drink. We love our Gluhwein made out of a full bodied red wine blend, but Port or Claret works just as well. And to top it off, we think a cinnamon aroma works best. In the coming weeks, we’ll be asking you about your Gluhwein experience, and the best experiences will win prizes. So keep your eyes peeled for more details!


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